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"A big thank you to Rick and his staff at Health Street for changing my life. I first went to see Rick in October 2018 and was in rough shape as I was having dizzy spells, felt bloated and full all the time, I was extremely tired and had an extremely painful pushing pressure at the base of my neck. I was very worried and so was my family. My blood pressure was high too, but the doctors just kept giving me more medications for everything and nothing was helping. Rick was able to hook me up to the machine (EPR Biofeedback) and take the time to look at my overall health. The machine found many things that I was dealing with. I was on Dexilant which I was prescribed by my doctor to help with extreme heartburn and GERD. I was on both Dexilant and Prevacid for many years. They stop the production of stomach acid, but I learned from Rick that the stomach acid that it was stopping was also reducing the digestion of food and causing even more gut and health problems. I was also on Ramipril which is a blood pressure medication.

After just a few weeks I was able to get back on track and felt much better. I followed Rick's recommendations to help with my nutrition and then used his 3 Week Fall Cleanse Program which helped our whole family eat healthier. After completing the program I lost 22 pounds and I felt so good that I was able to stop taking my medications totally. Since then it’s been months and my heart burn has been minimal and I am eating many different foods without suffering from the extreme heartburn and GERD. I am looking forward to Health Street's Spring Cleanse Program and continue living a long and healthy life. Thanks again Rick and your Team!!"

Scott M. Dowell

Olds, Alberta

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