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Quit putting poison in your mouth

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Does your fridge look anything like this? Do you ever stop to think about how these foods have an impact on your health?

We really want to believe that the food industry is actually out there to help us eat healthy right? Well, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I know what your thinking…

”If they sell it in the grocery store it can’t be that bad for us” right?

“the government (Health Canada & FDA) has standards that protect us when it comes to what’s healthy and what’s harmful” right?

“The ingredients in foods have all been thoroughly tested on their long term affects to humans”

Sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately the regulations and standards in place within Heath Canada and the FDA in the US don’t really do much at all when it comes to how our body actually digests food and as for long term studies of different combinations of food preservatives, emulsifiers, refined ingredients, chemical ingredients – certainly NOT. If that was the case - refined sugar, propylene glycol, aspartame, MSG, BHT and most medications would be banned. The fact is, these organizations make sure there is no IMMEDIATE HEALTH RISK to the foods (or fake foods), manufacturing processes and labeling discrepancies. That’s it! In their defence - it’s not really up to Health Canada and the FDA to keep you healthy – that’s up to you! So you might be wondering “what about the Canadian Food Guide and the FDA food recommendations?” Well, same thing – very generalized and really not helpful, but not really harmful either.

I think the bigger problem is the BIG BUSINESS in the food industry. The large grocery companies, pharmaceutical companies, junk food manufacturers and marketers that make money from these “Fake Foods” and “Chemical Drugs”. They are the ones motivated to make money from your vulnerability – not the government. Sure the fake food products and medications that they manufacture and sell you might taste great and satisfy an immediate symptom, concern or craving, but the long term implications are an entirely different BEAST! And that BEAST is bad for your health. The part we need to understand is that it takes time for these “hidden poisons” to affect our health. This is why it’s difficult (and pointless) to put your finger on any one culprit.

What are you putting in your body?

I’m not going get into prescription drugs here, I’ll save that one for another discussion (because its so interesting and HUGE!), but here I’m talking about “food”.

Are you putting processed food in your body on a daily basis without knowing about the ingredients it contains and how many different ingredients they contain? Maybe it’s not even on your radar to begin with, and this is a wake up call? Do you read labels and suspect a “food sensitivity”, but still eat a diet with processed vegetable oils, margarine, soda, condiments, junk food, chocolate bars, etc?

Lets consider that one reason for your health issues could be the accumulation of indigestible toxins from years of “fake foods”. These could be ; auto immune conditions, obesity, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, low energy, blood sugar imbalances just to mention a few?

Our body is pretty darn amazing in it’s ability to process the things we put in our mouths, but there is a limit! Sure, maybe eating many of these additives and poor quality foods doesn’t result in an immediate “POISONING RESPONSE” where you quickly become ill with vomiting ad diarrhea. But the long term consumption of these “fake foods” may be the primary reason for many of our modern health concerns. Certainly there are other factors such as age, genetics, stress and certainly how we eat foods in order to maximize digestion, but where is the best place to start? I'll get to the good stuff near the end, but keep reading.

We can’t control the Health Canada, we can’t control how a huge company produces their food and we can’t control how grocery stores choose to sell their “fake food”, so let’s start with what we can control. Maybe we don’t need to be so concerned about one specific food sensitivity, trying so hard to identify this elusive food that seems to be causing all of your digestive troubles. It is very possible that your body has reached its threshold of toxicity caused by weeks, months or even years of toxin buildup and that it’s not the fault of one specific food at all!

The body isn’t invincible. Although we can feel fine when we eat junk food, or even “great” in the short term. That is just our taste buds and our nervous system thanking us for satisfying them. The trouble is that those senses don’t know that the “food” that satisfied the craving was actually extremely low in nutritional value and full of synthetic substances that aren’t easily processed by our digestive system or metabolized by our liver. I think of junk foods as tricksters that are TAKERS that use and abuse the body, while disguised as something that provides value. But the value we perceive through clever marketing is simply short term satisfaction that leads to disappointment, poor nutrition and ultimately poor health. So REAL foods, which are unprocessed whole foods are GIVERS and providers of nutrients that the body truly needs and is able to utilize and digest. These may not give the immediate satisfaction to the brain at first like refined sugar and msg, but that is what we’ve trained our bodies to do. In the long term they give rather than take from your body in terms of nutrition. The really ironic thing is that the GIVERS are the foods that mother nature provides to us each and every season… they are seasonal whole foods!

Basically, we need to start using different guidelines when it comes to eating healthy. You can get started TODAY by taking a look in your fridge. Get rid of your highly processed condiments such as store bought salad dressings, sauces, fake coffee creamers as well as sugar-laced beverages like juices from concentrate, sodas and store-bought baking. I’m serious, remove that junk right now and throw it into the garbage – BOOM! DONE! EASY! That’s the first step.

Enjoy food in the way nature offers it to you…plain and simple

Did you know our digestive system is designed to deal with only a few different foods and ingredients at once - not a slurry of 30 or more different ingredients per meal, which becomes the reality if you are eating the sauces, condiments and processed foods mentioned above. If you keep food simple your body will be able to process it efficiently and effectively without having to use valuable energy to deal with it. Your body gets overwhelmed and cannot process indigestible processed “fake foods”. After all, it’s these toxins that can cause the buildup of harmful visceral fat, which increases risk of many diseases, weight gain and fatigue. To read more about visceral fats and toxins check out: fat – what’s it doing for you?

For me as a nutrition coach I always aim to get the number of food ingredients down to no more than 40 per day for my clients. Whether it’s a customized meal plan or one of my favorite programs The Fall Cleanse Program there is only ever a maximum of 40 ingredients in the recipes for any one day. The fewer different types of foods your body has to process and digest at once – the less of a burden it will be on your vital organs of digestion, metabolism and detoxification. If you are using store bought condiments – it is virtually impossible. Most condiments and sauces, salad dressings have anywhere from 10 to 20 ingredients in them. Add up 2 or three of them each day and you’re already over. That’s without even putting creamer in your coffee, having a muffin or doughnut from the drive thru or that sweet snack or chips, let alone the foods from the primary meals you eat each day! They add up fast. That’s why we need to simplify.

How to get results from CLEAN EATING

I hear it all the time at the gym and in my practice; “I’m eating clean, exercising lots and I still can’t lose weight and I still have the same problems”. If you’ve truly taken the 1st step of cleaning out your fridge and pantry – that’s awesome, but years of toxin accumulation still need to be addressed, and it takes a specific process to remove them. Those toxins can be a big reason that we can’t lose the weight and get rid of those nagging symptoms of poor health.

Need a plan to get started?

If you aren’t the type of person who wants a personalized consultation to go over your diet, lifestyle, stress and emotional well being so that you can prioritize your health plan or maybe it’s just too costly to do biofeedback analysis or see a Naturopathic doctor to get tested for food sensitivities among other things – or maybe you just don’t have time for all that right now. Life is busy after all, I get it. Sometimes you just need a PLAN that’s already done for you, that’s proven to work quickly, safely and effectively…oh and a plan that doesn’t require starving yourself or taking supplements that make you live next to the bathroom for a week!

The Fall Cleanse Program – the best way to get rid of those harmful toxins

If you want to enjoy healthy, seasonal foods in a way that will stimulate your body’s natural detoxification processes to effectively remove toxins, support vital organ health and kick start healthy eating using less than 40 ingredients per day, then get started now!

Over the last 7 years I’ve been creating and offering online seasonal cleanse programs to help thousands of people get back on track with their health. Those toxic “fake foods” seem to have a way of becoming part of your life habits and it’s tough to quit without a plan. This year’s Fall Cleanse Program is the best ever with new online features, a private facebook group, daily email motivation, nutrition tips and much more. All to help you get results!

The perfect seasonal blend of low lectin foods, healthy fats, fiber and whole foods in delicious, simple recipes using proper food combining all in a meal plan that gives you the perfect plan for easy scheduling so you don’t need to be cooking all day. It’s packed with the information you need to get results and start feeling better about your diet and lifestyle. Learn more about the Fall Cleanse Program

Oh, and it comes with a shopping list and a pantry checklist…we thought of that too. For the next 21 days you will feel what it’s like to have your food and your health under control so that you can get the kick start you need to feel amazing all winter long!


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