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Nutrition Consulting & Coaching 

Nutrition Consulting & Coaching

Health Street provides nutrition consulting & wellness coaching services as well as EPR biofeedback testing.  Our professional certified holistic nutritional consultant and and Biofeedback technician can offer high quality nutritional and lifestyle assessments and offer recommendations for people of all ages and health conditions. In addition, our nutritional consultants offer customized meal planning services and weight loss coaching.

The Root Cause

Holistic heath incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of our bodies. Realize the connection of your health to the food you eat and the life you live. Getting to the root cause of the health challenge is imperative in order to prevent symptoms of illness from reoccurring within the body. Society has developed a ‘quick fix’ mentality which often doesn’t work. It’s only a temporary band-aid approach to achieving healing. Science is finally catching up to our ancestral wisdom and discovering that physical ailments and diseases stem from not just poor nutrition and gut microbiom imbalances, but also emotional traumas including our thought patterns and belief systems. By assessing your health carefully with the help of a holistic health practitioner and the science of modern EPR biofeedback testing you can effectively evaluate your health and prioritize your steps to regain health and healing. 

Appointments include an initial nutrition evaluation and lifestyle assessment as well as EPR biofeedback (optional) which looks at various aspects of health such as symptoms, diet, stress, digestive health, sleep, personality type and more.  Improving your nutrition is always an important focus. By adjusting what you eat and how you eat - you can benefit your health, your energy and overall happiness. 

Some examples of what you will learn:

  • How to achieve optimal nutrition
  • How to relieve stress naturally
  • Successful weight loss tools
  • How to plan for healthy eating
  • How to increase energy and self-confidence
  • A better understanding of the digestive system
  • Simple, effective, proven strategies to improve overall health
  • Improve immune health and heal from dis-ease

These holistic health strategies DO NOT require you to eat foods you don’t like, count calories, deprive yourself of food or over-exercise to reach your desired goals.

Make healthy choices easy by empowering yourself with resources, tools and inspiration for achieving your optimal health. 

Tired of relying on medications to control symptoms of illness?  Get to the ROOT CAUSE of your health concern with the help of a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.

Improve your health and healing the NATURAL WAY and stay on track with one of our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants.

For bookings and more information please call Health Street 403-507-4488


Our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and biofeedback technician:


Rick Kohut C.H.N.C,, C.B.T. Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Biofeedback Technician

The objective is always to help clients learn more about the root causes of illness and discomfort and help understand the quickest and most appropriate natural steps to get there.

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