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Fall Cleanse Program Testimonials

Health Street's 21 Day Fall Cleanse Testimonials (2017)

This Cleanse has changed my life, I was so foggy and felt horrible before. I lived off coffee and thought I was eating healthy but never feeling good. About 4 days into the cleanse I started to have a clear head and felt so full of energy (without coffee!!!) the recipes made me feel full and satisfied, I had no idea healthy eating was this yummy! Have lost a total of 16lbs and I just can't believe it! I am going to keep going and can say I have developed respect for good food again! Thank you Rick and everyone at Health Street you have changed a life here and I am so grateful to have found you!

-Elaine H.

Overall Health Score improvement (based on Health Evaluation Form Before vs After): 65%


21 days is better than 14 days(which is what I did last year). Love loved loved it. I'm feeling the best I have ever felt in my entire life. My energy is through the roof. Life just doesn't get any better. I have become a better caregiver for my hubby and grandbabies through my positive energy and attitude. Good nutrition combined with TFW workouts equal feeling on top of world. Thanks Rick and staff and Matt at TFW . We are all a team...

-Carol H.

Overall Health Score improvement (based on Health Evaluation Form Before vs After): 25%


I was a little skeptical at first as to whether this would really be "worth it" since I already eat fairly healthy and am quite active. I'm happy to say it was totally worth it! It's amazing what a difference a few changes can make it just three weeks while eating lots of delicious food. I picked up a few better eating habits and dropped a few unhealthy ones along the way too. My digestive system has never been happier, my eczema has cleared up, I gained muscle, lost body fat & lost weight. The added bonus is all the new recipes I've added to my list of favourites. From skeptic to believer - count me in for the next one!

-Joanne P.

Overall Health Score improvement (based on Health Evaluation Form Before vs After): 40%


I loved the recipes I. The cleanse and loved that I didn’t have to worry about what to cook for 21 days as I already knew what was on the menu. I have more energy and just feel overall better. I will be cleansing again with Health Street in the spring and next fall without a doubt!

-Michelle H.

Overall Health Score improvement (based on Health Evaluation Form Before vs After): 52%


I do feel brighter in my head/mind and for sure a little lighter too! I know my stomach/digestion is happier! I feel like it was a good step to have taken towards my overall health journey.

-Zoe H.

Overall Health Score improvement (based on Health Evaluation Form Before vs After): 60%


I am into my last week of the Fall cleanse and must admit I feel really good. I have given in a few times to a sweet or a coffee but finding it easier to say no. My energy has increased and I’m sleeping much better. No more sluggish afternoons especially with the use of the greens. I love most of the recipes as does my husband. I’m planning meals and cooking regularly again, something I haven’t done well in a long while. Thanks so much!

-Dane B.


I participated in and completed my first whole food cleanse last fall. Since then I have also completed the spring cleanse and eagerly await the 2018 fall cleanse. I had my doubts about my ability to complete a cleanse as I LOVE food and coffee. Not only did I complete the cleanse but I felt like a million bucks. The first couple days as I was getting rid of the toxins in my body I had a terrible headache Himalayan sea salt helped decrease the symptoms. After that it was smooth sailing. I had a drastic increase in my energy levels, a 12 hour shift on my feet was no longer exhausting. I noticed a change in the aches and pains I felt as they decreased to non existent. My brain fog lifted and my sleep quality improved. The bonus is I lost 12 pounds on the cleanse. I still use many of the recipes from the fall and spring cleanse as they are delicious. To some it may seem like a huge sacrifice but 21 days to see if you will feel better is a risk that I was willing to take and am so glad that I did.


-Michelle Hynes


I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse. Amazing recipes. I stuck to the format & feel great. Lost 8 lbs! Yah! Will look good at the beach!

-Patti S.

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