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It's time to take control of your health! Our events offer you tools and holistic education designed to give you more confidence and independence in body and mind autonomy.

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An Introduction to Germanic Healing Knowledge
An holistic perspective with scientific roots
Presented by Tanya Verquin

Date: Saturday, January 21stPlace: Health Street Wellness Center, Olds
Time: 6pm - 8:00pm
Cost: $30 per person (or $50 per couple)
To Register call Health Street at 403-507-4488
or email us at info@healthstreet.ca
Tea and snacks will be provided
Handouts and take home information included

The laws of nature will help you see the true cause of disease and the true biological purpose of symptoms including pain, inflammation and infection. Expand your knowledge and shift your perspective with German New Medicine. It will help you gain confidence and independence in your health.

German New Medicine(Germanic Healing Knowledge) is not only a new paradigm of medicine, it is also a new consciousness. It is the awareness that our organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities. It is the recognition that each cell of our body is endowed with a biological wisdom we share with all living beings.

When we realize the true power and adaptability of our body there is a powerful shift in our consciousness that can allow us to take control of our health in profound ways. The time is now to raise your vibration.




The Truth About Cancer
with Tanya Verquin and Rick Kohut

Date: Sunday, January 22nd 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Place: Pomeroy Inn and Suites 4601 46th Avenue, Olds, AB
Cost $60 per person or $100 per couple
Tea and Snacks provided!
Register at Health Street Wellness
or call 403-507-4488

One might not find another word in the English language loaded with as much emotion and fear as the word "Cancer". From over decades of conditioning by the medical system and the pharmaceutical industrial complex, society has learned to understand cancer as some sort of scary biological dysfunction in the body. Every conventional and even most holistic resources teaches cancer to be an unnatural and misfortunate malignancy. The Oxford dictionary even defines cancer as a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

This subject of conversation is often considered taboo and avoided to limit uncomfortable situations, emotions or offensive and unintended conflict. The vast majority of people have developed strong opinions, beliefs, and fears about cancer that shape important life decisions from the way they eat and interact with others to participating in various medical testing and using pharmaceutical drugs to "combat" or "prevent". This conditioned societal view of cancer often leads to significant fear and trauma or even the perception of a figurative "death sentence" to those who receive a diagnosis.

Fear not, the Germanic Healing knowledge gives us another perspective of what the body is actually doing when there are "cancerous" cells or tumors present. This knowledge consists of Five Biological Laws of Nature, that dispels the fear and uncertainty around cancer that society has so tightly held. These natural laws forever change the way we understand "disease" and therefore, "cancer".

About this class:

  • Discover the real cause, progression, and natural healing of cancer, based on the Five biological laws of nature - Germanic Healing Knowledge (GNM/GHK)
  • Learn about the biological purpose of "cancerous" cells and tumors
  • Learn the Biological Special Programs of several types of "cancer"
    • Breast Cancer
    • Brain Cancer
    • Bone Cancer
    • Colon Cancer
    • Liver Cancer
    • Lung Cancer
    • Uterus Cancer
    • Testicular Cancer
  • How the medications for "treating" cancer really work?
    • chemotherapy, hormone therapies, targeted cancer drugs and bisphosphonates
  • What are the side effects of "cancer" drugs
  • Learn about the top 5 foods to avoid for cancer
  • Learn about the environmental poisons that affect cancer
  • Learn the top 5 foods to nourish and support healing and prevention
  • Learn our top natural protocols for cancer conditions using natural herbs, homeopathics, healing foods and more.

Note: This is an advanced Class. It is recommended (but not necessary) to take the Introduction To German New Medicine as a prerequisite for this class. If you have not taken the introduction class there is an online version available if desired.
For more information please call Health Street Wellness 403-507-4488.

Begin your path to healthy awareness and understanding of how the body naturally adapts to the changes, conflicts and stressors in your life. It's time to thrive with the independence you are born with.


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