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A Natural Alternative for the FLU SHOT - Now Available at Health Street!!

Protect yourself naturally and safely with the homeopathic flu protection from Boiron: Influenzinum

It's the safest way to get protection from the most threatening flu strains of the year.

influenzinum.jpgInfluenzinum 9c is the only homeopathic flu product that is updated each year based on the flu strains predicted by the World Health Organization.

Specially formulated to stimulate the body's own defense system. Safe and natural, this helps your immune system, not depress it as other methods to prevent illness do. 

Influenzinum is especially useful for people who want flu protection, but do not want to be vaccinated with conventional needles and be exposed to their potential harmful side-effects.



Take a 1 single dose tube of INFLUENZINUM per week for 5 consecutive weeks. This treatment may be administered orally to people of any age (read package instructions for full details). For young children, dissolve the content of one tube in some water. 1 box contains the appropriate amount for 1 person.

A much smaller amount of Boiron INFLUENZINUM, such as a few granules, can be taken weekly throughout the winter months for those who want to further enhance protection.

Boiron Influenzinum (1 box each, containing 5 single dose tubes per box).

Safe, Non-toxic, Effective, Easy.

Note: Does not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde.

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