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​Tips & Tricks to help skin troubles

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The Skin & Gut Connection

Did you know that your GUT HEALTH is a big factor in skin health?

Your skin is your largest organ of the body and it requires lots of nutrients to keep it healthy and vibrant. Your digestive system is responsible for breaking down food and absorbing the nutrients from it, but if it's not working in tip top shape then problems can start appearing on your skin!

Acne, facial redness, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and rosacea are all skin conditions which can have the same root cause; poor gut health and gut function.

So it makes sense that the health of your gut is fundamental to having glowing, clear skin!

Unlike other organs, you can easily touch, see and check your skin health daily, so it's a great indicator of what's going on inside your body - especially your gut health.

Gorgeos Glowing Skin

The gut includes everything from the mouth all the way through to the anus - it's responsible for absorbing nutrients, housing both helpful and harmful bacteria and excreting waste. Making improvements to the digestive system has been scientifically shown to improve skin health, immune function, mood, and energy levels.

Three ways you can improve your gut health:

1. Eat High Quality Food: Highly refined foods do not contain enough nutrients to fuel your body or your largest organ - the skin. Refined foods which are commonly high in sugar and synthetic ingredients will often disrupt proper digestion and upset your digestive bacteria. Refined foods also contain many allergens such as food coloring, synthetic flavours, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that irritate the immune system. Limit them as much as possible.

2. Digestive Enzymes are the ticket! Acid reflux, heartburn, gas or bloating, irritable bowel or constipation are all signs of poor digestive function and can be significantly reduced by taking Enerex Digest Best Enzymes with your meals. This is a full spectrum vegetable based enzyme that will help you improve breakdown and absorption of nutrients from your food. Less digestive upset means less skin troubles.

3. Improve Your Gut Bacteria has a massive influence on the health of your body, and especially the health of your skin. Each person has about 1 kg of bacteria living inside their gut. Ideally you want to have 85% good bacteria in your get. If you have less, that's when problems can start to arise.

Gut bacteria is responsible for the digestion of some types of carbohydrates that the human body is not equipped to digest itself. The bacteria metabolize the carbohydrates into short chain fatty acids, which the body can then use for energy. Gut bacteria also produces some B vitamins and most of the vitamin K needed by the body. A lack of helpful gut bacteria can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, which can damage the intestinal lining. This is known as leaky-gut syndrome, and is the culprit behind many common skin issues.

The gut wall is made up of lots of tiny cells, and each of these cells are held together by a 'tight-junction'. Normally these tight-junctions are impermeable and do not let substances through, however, harmful bacteria can damage these junctions and cause gaps to form. Once the tight-junctions have been opened up, you have what is known as leaky-gut syndrome.

When the junctions have gaps between them, contents of the gut are able to pass through the cell wall and into the bloodstream. Molecules of food, bacteria, allergens and parasites are then able to pass into the bloodstream where they can trigger a host of problems throughout other parts of the body. Many autoimmune conditions as well as skin conditions are triggered by leaky gut syndrome. When harmful substances make their way into the bloodstream, the body looks for the quickest way to remove them. The skin is often the quickest and easiest option.

The body triggers an immune reaction in response to these "invading" substances, which can cause redness, swelling and breakouts.

You can help fix up your gut by using high quality human strain probiotic such as Genestra HMF Multistrain, HMF Intensive or Flora Super 8 Plus.

While harmful gut bacteria is usually the leading cause of leaky gut syndrome, alcohol, gluten, dairy and synthetic food additives can contribute to damaging the gut wall too.

Here are a few TIPS for improving digestion for skin health:

  • Chew your food!
  • Pay attention to how your food tastes – savour small bites and enjoy it!
  • Use digestive enzymes with your meals to reduce gas, bloating and to improve nutrient absorption
  • Take a good quality probiotic supplement – This is an important one! Use the best: Genestra or Flora
  • Avoid processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and gluten as much as possible
  • Don't eat desserts (or anything sweet directly after eating a meal)
  • Eat lots of fibre such as flax seeds, chia seeds, beans, legumes
  • Don't use synthetic skin care products (use natural ones without fake stuff!)
  • Use Broccofusion Natural lotion instead of the chemical stuff
  • Drink plenty of water between meals
  • Eat high quality foods - mostly vegetables from your local farmers!
  • Use Broccofusion ointment for problem skin areas
  • Avoid stomach acid-neutralizing medications such as PPI’s like Tecta or Pantaprazole or Prevacid
  • Consider supplementing with Evening Primrose Oil to help skin tissue


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