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Set yourself up for Health this Fall!

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Just a couple days ago there was an equal amount of daylight in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres. That was the "EQUINOX" which literally means "equal night". And during the equinox, most places on Earth experience approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night (other than extreme north and south). The days in both the Southern hemisphere and the Northern hemisphere are equal lengths.  

This is a great time to get refocused on your health after the summer BBQs and warm weather events. If you change some specific dietary and daily habits to suit the season you will discover many benefits to help you stay healthy throughout the cold winter months. That's right! experience improved energy, stronger immune system, better sleep and less sickness...yup, that means fewer colds & flu too!

Here are FIVE of my tips to help you adjust to the NEW SEASON!

1. Eat seasonal and local foods

Mother nature always looks after us. Foods that are in season and local contain the appropriate nutritional properties to help us thrive. For example; root vegetables are in-season right now and they contain high amounts of vitamin A and C and plenty of prebiotic fibre. These are all nutrients that support your immune system and help to cleanse your liver and digestive tract in preparation for winter.

2. Eat cooked foods more than raw foods

Since there is less sunlight each day, our digestive capacity is reduced during the winter months. Cooking foods helps you to digest most foods easier. Soups and bone broths are great as they contain the valuable water soluble nutrients that are leached out in the cooking process. There's a reason that a nice warm soup just hits the spot on a cool autumn day.

3. Consume relaxing herbs and foods instead of stimulating herbs and foods

Fall is a time to store some energy and rest up a bit, not a time to over stimulate your nervous system. There is a reason why animals forage for foods to store for winter and many of them hybernate. Too much coffee in the fall and winter months can be over stimulating for the nervous system, which can cause health problems. The same goes for sweet foods and sugars - There is a reason fruits don't grow in the winter, it's because mother nature didn't intend for us to consume them during the winter months, so cut back on that sugar! I suggest to substitute your coffee with a relaxing herbal tea or elixir that contains Turmeric, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Ashwaghanda, Ginger or Chammomile.

4. Support your gut health with high quality probiotics

Your gut health is key to a healthy immune system. A great way to boost your immune health is to use a high quality probiotic supplement for the first couple months of the fall season. My top pick's are HMF Intensive, Flora Adult Probiotic, Flora Senior's Probiotic and Dr. Ohirra's Fermented Probiotic.

5. Do a seasonal cleanse (with food)

Perhaps the most beneficial practice of all is to do a seasonal cleanse to help your body adjust to the changes in the season. Eating a diet more suited to the season and encouraging a gentle cellular and digestive cleanse to help flush out toxins will revitalize your body. I always do a Fall Cleanse for 3 weeks in October. Each Spring and Fall I invite everyone to join me in my  online seasonal cleanse program. This is a three-week online course with five live online meetings and daily guidance. I'm very excited about this October's Cleanse, it's full of delicious warming recipes, and a fantastic 3 week meal plan that's simply designed to suit anyone. It's especially great for couples and can easily be adjusted to suit the entire family. If you want to start eating healthy again, kick some bad habits, feel awesome and take back control of your health then I encourage you to join me next month in our Fall Cleanse Program 2018! More details will be coming soon.


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