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To Register for our events please call us at 403-507-4488, email us at info@healthstreet.ca or click on the links if provided.


Spring Cleansing Nutrition Seminar

Wednesday, April 3rd

6pm - 8pm

Health Street Wellness Center

Cost: $20 per person


Nutrition Workshop: Organs, Bones, & Fat 101
Date: Sunday, March 10th 2019
Time: 10:30am - 3:00pm
Place:Health Street Wellness Center, Olds
840 6700 46st
Cost: $60 per person
Call or email to register: 403-507-4488 or info@healthstreet.ca
Nutrient-dense organs, bones, and animal fats were the foundation foods of your ancestors, not to mention every healthy traditional culture that has ever existed. Their absence from our modern diet, and the imitation foods that replaced them, is one of the leading factors in the chronic disease pandemic that is now responsible for 60% of deaths globally. Join ex-vegan Takota Coen from Coen Farm to learn simple, delicious, affordable, and ethical ways you can build these healing superfoods back into your diet.
Workshop highlights will include:
  • Organs 101: How to cook liver, kidney, heart and tongue so even your kids will love it
  • Bone Broth 101: Directions to make your own gelatinous chicken, beef, pork and fish broth to add to soups, gravies, and sauces
  • Animal Fats 101: Preparing, cooking and baking with lard, tallow, poultry and fowl fat
  • The history of why these superfoods fell from grace and the science behind their resurgence
  • 11 Diet principles based on Weston A. Prices observations of traditional diet patterns from around the world
  • In class samples of Takota’s favourite dishes that include organs, bone broth, and a variety of animal fats
  • A gift bag valued at $20 that includes Takota’s new recipe book and some ingredients from his farm so you can put what you learned into practice in your own kitchen


It's always a good time to improve your heart health. We want to invite you to our next exciting nutrition seminar. 

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Learn how to improve the health of your heart and cardiovascular system by knowing how your food can either heal OR hinder your health. The great news is that the same great nutrition guidelines that help you with heart health also helps to improve your overall health, increases your energy, boosts your immune system, improves your skin health and reduces dependence on prescription medications! Be smart about your heart and learn what you can do to improve your heart health naturally. 

Key topics
  • Heart health vs heart disease
  • Factors affecting the cardiovascular system
  • The myths and truths of cholesterol
  • The importance of healthy fats
  • Side effects of blood pressure medications
  • The key nutrition factors for heart health
  • The 90 Day Heart Health Challenge

Nutrition For Heart Health
Date: February 25, 2019
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Place: Health Street Wellness
840 - 6700 46 ST, Olds Alberta
T4H 0A2
Cost: $10 Per Person
RSVP: 403-507-4488 or info@healthstreet.ca

Cannabis & Anti-Inflammatory Herbs for Arthritis and Joint Pain


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 
Location: Health Street, Olds, Alberta
Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm 
Cost: $25/person or $40/couple
Call 403-507-4488 to register

Learn more about this event

Get control of your pain using natural herbs and methods that help you deal with the ROOT CAUSE instead of medications with harmful side effects.

Arthritis can be painfully debilitating and often disrupts the quality of life for those who suffer with it. Join guest presenter Certified Clinical Herbalist Jazz Mattu for this upcoming event where he will discuss the art of dealing with pain and arthritis using natural herbs and techniques you you wouldn't find with conventional medicine.

What you get:
• Information on the most common causes of arthritis
• The differences between arthritis types and sources of pain
• How anti-inflammatory medication works
• Side effects of conventional medical treatments
• The differences between herbs and how to use them
• How does Cannabis work and does it offer a good solution?
• Best foods, best supplements & best exercises for arthritis
• What foods to add to your everyday regime to reduce the pain associated with arthritis
• Which high quality natural supplements will reduce pain and improve joint mobility and quality of life.

Everyone who attends will receive samples, recipes and tons of valuable information to help deal with arthritis naturally.



Call 403-507-4488 to register.

 Healthy Summertime Smoothies

Presented by Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant - Rick Kohut


Date: Tuesday, June 19,2018
Location: Health Street, Olds
Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm
Cost: $30/person or $50/couple
Call 403-507-4488 to register

Create smoothies with purpose.
Everyone can make a smoothie by just throwing stuff in a blender, but is it always healthy? Does it serve your nutritional needs? Is it delicious? Does it contain the proper ingredients? Is it being digested properly? Do you know how to drink a smoothie to get the most out of it?

Learn how to make healthy and delicious smoothies that your whole family will enjoy with your local Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Rick Kohut.

Smoothies are a great way to pack dense nutrition into a delightful and convenient package that is easy to drink and easy to prepare.

Learn the most important nutritional guidelines when making smoothies and how to ensure your smoothies are packed full of the nutrients to keep you going all morning or afternoon. Sample some of Rick and Angela's favorite smoothie recipes while they demonstrate how to create summertime smoothie mastery! They will teach you how you can make delicious fruit and green smoothies and even smoothie pops that everyone will enjoy all summer long.

• Learn the best techniques for making great smoothies that keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning long
• Learn how to make or break the nutrition of your smoothies
• Learn the most common mistakes people make when making and drinking smoothies
• The top 5 beneficial ingredients to add into smoothies
• How to get the most nutrition from your smoothies without compromising taste
• Best base ingredients to have on hand for excellent smoothies
• How to get the kids to absolutely love your smoothies!
• Where to get the best local, seasonal fruits and vegetables
• Tips to plan ahead and make sure you are prepared in advance to make your favorite smoothies
• Samples, recipes and tons of inspiration to make your own smoothies and


Attendees will receive recipes, samples and a chance to win some cool door prizes.

Smoothies can be packed full of nutrition without compromising taste, come and learn how!

Call 403-507-4488 to register




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