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Are you using your INSTINCTS - Spring Cleansing Tweeks

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Are you doing a SPRING CLEANSE this season? You don't need to change your entire diet to support your body during the seasonal changes, you just need to make a couple tweeks to start feeling more energy, improve digestion, get better sleep and shred a few pounds! Spring Cleansing is without question one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.

My TOP TWO Spring Nutrition Tweeks to help you feel your best:

1. Listen to Mother Nature and start eating foods rich in Chlorophyll (GREENS). Yup that’s right. Take a look outside and see what’s starting to growing. You need to eat your greens, especially sprouts or plants in the early stages of growth (vegetative state). In the Spring season nature provides the foods that are best suited to help you thrive. Seeds germinate and plants begin to grow in the spring which gives us the opportunity to access highly nutrient dense foods. If we used our natural instincts we would seek those powerful foods out in nature just like animals do, however most humans don't change their winter habits and keep the same foods in their fridge and pantry and keep the same (unhealthy) habits. Failing to change your diet (and habits) with the seasons doesn't allow your body to adapt and thrive to feel your best! Now please don't go out and start eating grass - as the fibers in grass are difficult for humans to digest however the nutrients from young grasses are incredibly rich in chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins that help improve vitality.

So what can you do??? It might seem like a daunting task to change your diet drastically so thankfully there are a couple easy ways to get high concentrations of Chlorophyll without juicing your own! Green powders are a fantastic way to get all of these powerful nutrients. All you need to do is mix a couple teaspoons in water or orange juice and enjoy it once a day! Or just add it to your smoothie in the morning or make a delicious energy boost in the afternoon by mixing the greens powder with an electrolytes powder such as Q-Energy, BioSteel or SISU Energy Boost Powder. Easy Peasy. 

Another great thing to do is start SPROUTING! That means growing your own sprouts from scratch with seeds such as alfalfa, mung beans, lentils and broccoli. It’s actually quite easy to do and they add an exciting explosion of taste, texture and nutrients to salads, soups and sandwiches.

The most important thing about greens powders is to use a GREENS product that does not contain the INDIGESTABLE grass fiber (cellulose), as it can create intestinal discomfort and bloating, which will not allow your body to absorb all the good stuff! The best greens powders are the ones that are juiced first, then dehydrated and powdered. This makes the greens super easy to mix in any liquid and provide you with powerful nutritional benefits. The best greens powder (in my opinion) is ENEREX GREENS. Not only does it have juiced powders, it also contains spirulina powder, which is a powerful algae that contains trace minerals and proteins from the ocean. The bottom line is that a daily dose of this stuff is the equivalent nutritional intake of about six servings of vegetables. Now that’s how you can help yourself quickly increase the nutrients your body naturally craves in the spring!

2. Increase water intake and use herbs to help your body flush out toxins. Water is the most important fluid that we can consume to allow proper cellular function and organ function. Your body is mostly water and we rely on it to flush out toxins that restrict proper organ function, which can affect our health. The Spring Season is a time when the snow melts and provides an abundance of water and in warmer climates it is the "rainy season". Use this sign from Mother Nature as a guide to what you should naturally be consuming in the spring. I suggest an increase of water intake of 25% during the spring season to help your body eliminate toxins through your lymphatic system and digestive system. 

Take this TWEEK up a notch with herbs! Water makes herbs grow and there are some great herbs that can help speed up the natural cleansing process if taken in the form of herbal tea. Herbs such as Red Clover and Rhubarb Root helps to cleanse the blood. Sheep Sorrel and Blessed Thistle help the digestive tract as well as the skin and Burdock Root can stimulate liver function. A fantastic tea that contains many of these great herbs in the perfect concentration for spring cleansing is called FlorEssence Tea. Sometimes it's too hard to get all of these herbs individually so this is a convenient, high quality option to get a therapeutic dose of natures herbs in the form of a tea! So not only are you getting the benefits of consuming more water - you also get gentle detoxification support that helps your body thrive! Health Street always has it in stock for spring. Get some, get started and feel great!

If you want to make more tweeks to your spring routine stay tuned for our new Spring Cleanse Guide, which gives you everything you need to reset your body for the season. Get a 21 day seasonal meal plan with all the recipes, consistent motivational emails with extra nutrition information, the supplement guide, plus as a BONUS you get my FOOD COMBINING GUIDE to help you eat the right foods together so you don't ever suffer from digestive troubles again!

In Health,

Rick Kohut C.H.N.C.

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Holistic Farmer


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