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Are you in "HEALTH DEBT"?

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Are you going into DEBT on the CREDIT CARD OF HEALTH?

I like the analogy of health and money because it's something we can all relate to. So, let's say your health is like a credit card that accumulates debt when your health deteriorates and reduces debt as your health improves. When your in very good health - you can "build wealth in your HEALTH" by building a "Savings" account in your health account. Having "Savings" in your bank of health gives you the ability to "spend" here and there without deteriorating your health or GOING INTO DEBT! But you can't build savings until you're OUT OF DEBT. So if you just keep on spending on your credit card of health such as making poor lifestyle choices and poor eating habits - you will go further and further into debt, which leads to more symptoms of poor health and more dependency on medications. 

Doesn't it make sense to aim to be DEBT FREE when it comes to our health? Having no HEALTH DEBT on your CREDIT CARD OF HEALTH means having no reliance and dependence on medications and no chronic symptoms that would indicate signs of poor health or illness. 

I think we can look at our health the same way we look at finances, because we know that to get out of debt we need to make sacrifices in our lifestyle and make smart choices with food and diet, just as we need tomake sacrafices if we have accumulated debt and need to pay it off. If we spend money irresponsibly or don't pay attention to our finances it can suddenly seem like it's out of control - just like our health. To be healthy one must pay attention to where we are SPENDING on our HEALTH CARD and make sure we are focused on getting OUT OF DEBT or PAYING OFF THE CREDIT CARD and ultimately build up a SAVINGS ACCOUNT so that you can afford to spend a bit here and there without going into debt.

It's tough to put the word health into a perspective that is well understood. The word "health" is used universally by many different industries that give it various meanings and assumptions. Being "Healthy" according to the Western Medicine community is ensuring that you are taking medications to manage symptoms of discomfort or illness. But is taking medications really helping you pay off the credit card? Taking medications is actually the same thing as taking on another credit card! A drug is a way of "managing" symptoms and SYMPTOMS of illness are the result of NOT ADDRESSING the CREDIT CARD DEBT of and instead of PAYING DEBT OFF with good choices - you are just taking out another LINE OF CREDIT so that you can keep making bad health choices and get further into debt. 

If you are taking a medication to "Manage" a symptom then are you actually NOT EVEN making a minimum payment on your "CREDIT CARD OF HEALTH".  The "Health Care" System in our country is designed to give you the freedom to "OVER SPEND" and accumulate HEALTH DEBT with the perception of "managing" your health and symptoms, which is fancy way of saying you can keep spending on your "CREDIT CARD of HEALTH" and get further into debt.  Each new medication or drug dependence you take on is like taking on a NEW CREDIT CARD for your HEALTH. Getting off of a medication or drug dependence is like cutting up your credit card after it's paid off! Feels good doesn't it!

I believe that making meaningful changes that improve one's health are inspired and fueled by a clear perspective and understanding. The motivation to change is like a fire that needs fuel and the fuel is the WHY. Why do we need to pay attention to our finances? Why does it feel good to be financially free? I would say that we need to pay attention to our health for the same reasons. We want to be financially free because it feels empowering and free to be DEBT FREE. When it comes to health we can probably say the very same thing. "It feels empowering and free to be HEALTHY or DEBT FREE in health. That means nothing holding you back! Just like with finances - if you have debt and no savings then you are very limited on what you can do. In health it's the same thing; If you are IN DEBT (In Poor Health) you don't have the energy you need to do the things you want and symptoms of poor health and illness hold you back. You can only rely on taking out more credit cards (Medications) for so long until the side effects hurt you. If covering up your DEBT by avoiding it and making unhealthy lifestyle choices is the way you deal with it - then you just go further into debt. 

Where is the breaking point?

Just like not being able to pay back credit cards...the BANK eventially comes for it. In the reality of our health - when the "Bank" comes calling because of poor health it's actually your mind saying "how did I get myself into this pickle of poor health?" It's often the feeling of hopelessness, regret, pain, fear, dispair and guilt. You might even be at the point where you will just do whatever somebody suggests just to relieve the discomfort. This is the point when you must make a very important decision; Who do I go to for help? What do I do to get out of all this "debt"? With finances, the bank could possibly offer you another debt solution such as a consolidation loan to help you delay and prolong the symptoms of debt even longer. Sure, it might give you the feeling of temporary releif, but does that help you GET OUT OF DEBT? NO! I'd say a smart move in finance at this point instead of going to the BANK (where thier solution is always to sell you another financial services or product) would be to go get a FINANCIAL ADVISOR and make a PLAN to make payments so that you can get out of debt! It's not easy getting out of debt, just like it's not easy overcoming chronic health issues, but by making sacrafices and consistent payments (healthy choices) over time - you can get'r done!

When it comes to HEALTH DEBT; if you have learned to rely on medications for controlling symptoms of "DEBT" then you might be inclined to seek the services of medical system, but if the solution is just more medical procedures or medications then isn't that just making the health debt situation even worse? Isn't that the same as going to the bank to get financial advice? We know that the Medical Systems in both Canada and the US use medications as the SOLUTION OF CHOICE for people who are in "HEALTH DEBT". But as we know now - medications are just putting us further into debt because they just give us temporary relief of symptoms of health debt. The real solution to get out of debt is to start making sacrafices, making a commitment to yourself and make daily "payments" by eating healthy, eating seasonally, exercising, using herbs and natural products instead of medications and you will get out of HEALTH DEBT!

You need a HEALTH PLAN!

I suggest getting the help from a HEALTH ADVISOR (outside of the medical system) and make long term PLAN to get out of health debt by prioritizing where you are spending (making unhealthy lifestyle and eating choices) and help you create a responsible strategy and you can work on.   

The 21 Day Healthy Habits Cleanse Program

A great way to help you to GET OUT OF DEBT FAST and making "healthy payments" on your HEALTH DEBT quickly and effectively is with the seasonal 21-Day Healthy Habits Cleanse. Take action and make the right sacrafices with the professional guidance and planning help of our Nutrition Team! 

So let's break it down a bit. 

What sort of actions are categorized as PAYMENTS that lead to good health and what sort of actions are classified as DEBITS or SPENDING on your "Credit Card of Health"?


Taking your health seriously

24 hours of healthy eating (One full day is a PAYMENT!)

Getting a good Sleep (7-8 hours)

Drinking plenty of water during the day

Exercise of at least 20 minutes

Down time (stress reduction techniques)

Meal Planning ahead of time

Eating 2 - 5 servings of vegetables/day


Eating Highly Processed Foods

Consuming Soda, Energy Drinks

Consuming alcohol daily

More than 1 cup of coffee per day

Watching more than 2 hours of TV



Eating Candy

Using periodic pain pills 

Using anti-inflammatory pills


Taking a daily medication

Surgery and some medical procedures

Attitude of avoidance or laziness


I hope this helps you stay out of "Health Debt" and build up your "Health Savings"!

In Health, 

Rick Kohut C.H.N.C.

Rick Kohut C.H.N.C. 

Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Digestion Specialist

Organic Farmer


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