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21 Day Fall Cleanse Program 2018

21 Day Fall Cleanse Program - Eat Right - Feel Great - Lose Weight!


Created by Rick Kohut C.H.N.C. Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Here are a few features of this Fall's Cleanse Program:

  • 3 Week Healthy Habits Seasonal Meal Plan (with special recipes from well known Chefs, nutritionists and fitness trainers)
o   Designed to feed 2 but easily adapted for the whole family
o   Complete with all of the recipes
o   It's totally gluten free
o   Everything is downloadable in PDF format
  • Brand new recipes including Raw Chocolate Elixirs! Yes that's right, Chocolate!!
  • Complete Supplement Guidelines to help you get the most out of your Cleanse
  • Private Facebook Group - to get ALL your questions answered
  • 5 Live Video Webinars - to keep you motivated and excited about Health!
  • Daily email inspiration with extra BONUS materials
  • Videos by special guest presenters
  • Bonus Materials from me just for signing up (worth over $99):
o   Digestion Fix Protocol For Reflux and IBS
o   Pre & Post Workout Nutrition Breakdown
o   7 Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms and how to use them
  • Online format for easy access 24/7
  • Limited time price $69 if purchased before October 17th

The online guided format with live videos and regular emails gives you the benefits of one-on-one coaching, while the private facebook group offers the support and guidance of a group setting.

It’s that time of year again when the seasons change, days get shorter and our daily habits change. Summer is over and it’s time to kick-start your health, remove harmful toxins from your body, develop better eating habits and make a smooth transition to an overall healthier lifestyle for the fall & winter seasons. By using this program you can look forward to experiencing many great benefits of toxin elimination and long term healthier living. This program is safe, fun, delicious and effective for anyone who wants to get on track with healthy eating. Great for couples but easily adapted for the entire family.

The Goal of the 21 Day Fall Cleanse:

The goal is to rejuvenate your overall health with a fresh start of healthier eating habits. You will kick old habits, rehydrate and flush out toxins that disrupt proper organ and cellular function. Take charge of your own health to reduce fatigue, improve quality of sleep recharge your energy and vitality. This program is your guide to reset your body for the Fall and Winter seasons. This gentle yet powerful cleanse program uses strategies such as proper food combining, gentle herbal support and implementation of a delicious cleansing whole food diet with a special focus on digestive health.

Help your body’s natural cleansing process by:

• Resetting your organs
• Improving digestive functions
• Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body
• Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin
• Improving circulation of the blood
• Refueling the body with healthy nutrients
• Reducing digestive stress and toxin accumulation

Seasonal Cleansing is one of the best ways to maintain and improve metabolism so that you can obtain your ideal weight and optimal energy levels.

Given the fact that toxin accumulation in the body primarily comes from poor diet and digestive dysfunction - it is important that when one makes an asserted effort to detoxify – that the focus is on improving the digestive functions of the body first. This program will help to improve digestive functions leading for better digestive efficiency, nutrient absorption and less toxic buildup in the gastro intestinal tract while enhancing toxin elimination through the use of gentle herbs, healthy eating practices and adequate water consumption.

The primary areas of improvement generally include:

  • Improved Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Healthier Skin
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Less Bloating
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Improved mood
  • Less joint pain
  • Better concentration
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less brain fog
  • Less frequency of night time urination

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