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10-Days of Detoxification Program - Jan. 2014



Give your body a RESET in 2014!  
January 8th - 18th
Join the '10 days of Detoxification Program' with holistic nutritionists; Rick Kohut and Judy Patry

Health Street wishes you health and happiness in 2014. Thank you so very much for your support and your interest in staying healthy - the natural way!
We have some exciting plans for 2014 that we will be announcing very soon that will make healthy choices even easier!
The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to make a commitment to healthier habits and better nutrition. As always Health Street is hosting the seminars for our nutritionist's guided New Years Detox Program! We are really excited about this year - as last year was such a success with soooo many awesome results from participants. Detoxifying with nutritious and delicious food, supportive supplements and nutrition strategies to help balance minerals, nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins is the best way to improve health in a short period of time. 
This year's program "10 Days of Detoxification" is designed for anyone from first timers to experienced detoxers! Rick Kohut has teamed with with Judy Patry again this year to offer TWO live seminars to be held at Health Street January 7th and 13th. They will be hosting the same seminars in a Webinar format for anyone who cannot make it to the live seminars. See below for more details. Attend both seminars/webinars PLUS get the entire detox meal plan and program for only $29. You can get registered right away. See more details below.
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Feelin' a bit sluggish after the holidays?

Wanna kick those bad eating habits?

Do you want to kick-start your weight loss efforts?

Do you want to reduce those sugar cravings and increase energy?

Do you want to detoxify your body safely and effectively?

Are you craving a RESET for your body?

If you are sick of feeling SICK AND TIRED, then this program is for you!


Doing a 'DETOX' is about cleaning out toxins that may be interfering with bodily functions, creating imbalances, sleep problems, digestive problems, sensitivities, illness, pain and discomforts that cause stress. A responsible detox program is about effectively and safely removing the unwanted toxins from the body as to provide improved hormone balance, energy and mental clarity among other things. It will also help you develop healthier habits while kicking the bad ones at the same time!


The Keys to a successful DETOX are;

  • Understanding that there are different phases of detoxification and knowing the phase you are in.
  • Knowing the steps you MUST TAKE  BEFORE  starting a detox
  • Knowing which foods and supplements that are benefitial and which ones to limit or avoid during a Detox
  • Having a program that is easy to follow and simple to use
  • Having the support of a professional to answer questions and give you confidence during your detoxification process

This Detox Program provides you with all of the above and much more!



If you've even had the slightest desire to take part in a detox to start off the new year then this is your chance to DO YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFESTYLE a HUGE FAVOUR! 


The '10 Days of Detoxification Program' includes:


  • Two Live Seminars & Webinars (if you can't make it to the seminar) with holistic nutritionists - Rick Kohut and Judy Patry
    1. January 7th: Program Outline, Getting Started, Best Detox Methods, Supportive supplements, expectations, Q&A
    2. January 13th: Maximizing your detox program, How to complete your detox, best foods for finishing your detox, Q&A
  • 10-Day Detox Meal Plan including recipes
  • What TO DO & What NOT TO DO guide
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Regular email communications
  • Clean Eating Guide

All for only $29 - To Register right now click here

For more details call Health Street at 403-507-4488


Note: The entire program is available online. After you register you will recieve a secure login code for access to the program, schedule, meal plan, recipes and the ability to ask Rick or Judy any questions throughout the program. You will get an invite to both Seminars and Webinars (optional). This way if you cannot make it to the live seminar - you can attend the online webinar from anywhere:)


It's easy, it's fun, it's rewarding!


Important Dates:

  • Sunday, January 6th: Registration Deadline
  • January 3rd - 5th: Recieve Entire Detox Package (digital copy)
  • Tuesday, January 7th: 1st Live Introduction Seminar/Online Webinar
  • Wednesday, Jan. 8th: the 10 day Detox begins
  • Monday, Jan. 13th: 2nd Live Seminar(at Health Street) & Online Webinar
  • Saturday, January 18th: Detox Completed, congratulations on feeling great!
  • January 8th - January 30th: Online support with Rick Kohut

Program costs:

  • $29 - Includes The Detox Program (meal plan, recipes, clean eating guide and top 7 foods list), Seminar Registration and/or Webinar Registration for both sessions, Online access to all digital materials, ability to ask the nutritionists questions online securely.
  • Additional costs include: any supportive nutritional supplements such as Greens, Enzymes & Probiotics, etc. 
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Your Nutritionists 


Rick image sm Rick Kohut R.H.N. Is a practicing holistic nutritionist and biofeedback technician who specializes in digestion. He is a radical farmer, father, co-author of 'Elevate Your Health' and founder of the Health Street Wellness Center in Olds, AB.  Rick has the passion for helping people understand how to realize improved health and well-being 'naturally' by making appropriate adjustments in lifestyle choices, beliefs and foods. Rick teaches people how to sort out and simplify the modern food chaos and make food choices less stressful and confusing. Rick offers online guided cleansing and detox programs, seminars and coaching for people who want to upgrade their health and reset their body.





Judy Patry is a Registered Nurse with 38 years of experience. She is Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition (Advanced) and is certified at an "Advanced Level III" with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.  Judy uses 'state of the art' equipment for Colon Hydrotherapy and practices in Olds, Alberta.  She believes that good nutrition, bowel health and lifestyle are the keys to optimum health and wellness. Her personal journey to wellness has strengthened her belief in "food as medicine" and she shares this passionately with her clients and her family. Judy has partnered with Rick Kohut on several occasions to offer nutrition seminars and guided group cleansing and detoxification programs.


Last year was a huge success with more than 400 people who successfully detoxified themselves with the guidance of Rick and Judy. 

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